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2019-05-27index: update blog URLHEADmasterbrian m. carlson
2019-04-01index: update employerbrian m. carlson
2019-04-01Revamp Makefilebrian m. carlson
2019-04-01Update aoifbrian m. carlson
2019-04-01No longer build old blogbrian m. carlson
2019-04-01Remove aboutbrian m. carlson
2016-03-06Update address.brian m. carlson
2015-05-27Fix broken links in main page.brian m. carlson
2015-05-27Update contact page.brian m. carlson
2015-05-27Replace the main page with something less awful.brian m. carlson
2015-05-23Update security section.brian m. carlson
2015-05-22Add a page for name and spelling.brian m. carlson
2015-04-20Convert src/interesting/houston/index to AsciiDoc.brian m. carlson
2015-04-20Remove obsolete crypto keys.brian m. carlson
2015-04-20Convert src/code/index to AsciiDoc.brian m. carlson
2015-04-18Remove unused files.brian m. carlson
2015-01-13Update writings-build.brian m. carlson
2015-01-12Update consulting page.brian m. carlson
2015-01-12Simplify licensing page.brian m. carlson
2015-01-12Clean up remaining references to m. carlson
2015-01-12Update metadata for index.brian m. carlson
2014-12-30Add vulnerability reporting guidelines.brian m. carlson
2014-11-08Update aoif to remove .mx files.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Update aoif.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Link to built versions of writing.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Remove mention of Lacking SLAPS.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Update aoif.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Include the .mx and .adoc files in the tarball.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Update build.xml to build new aoif.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Remove trailing whitespace from build.xml.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Update link to aoif in cgit.brian m. carlson
2014-01-18Update aoif for new .gitmodules.brian m. carlson
2013-11-24Update aoif to the latest version.brian m. carlson
2013-11-24Don't build unfinished writings.brian m. carlson
2013-11-24Copy AsciiDoc files through into the build root.brian m. carlson
2013-11-24Update locations for submodules.brian m. carlson
2013-11-03Allow building Asciidoc.brian m. carlson
2013-06-29contact: update contact info.brian m. carlson
2013-06-29Build non-blog .mx files with newer macro package.brian m. carlson
2013-02-01Minor update to remove outdated stuff.brian m. carlson
2012-05-19No longer build atom feeds.brian m. carlson
2012-05-15Build with version 1.2 of the XML resolver.brian m. carlson
2012-05-15Replace thwack with tenorsax.brian m. carlson
2012-05-06Don't provide OpenID 2.0 parameters.brian m. carlson
2011-12-31Fix duplicate text.brian m. carlson
2011-12-31Update main page to be more compact.brian m. carlson
2011-08-20index: use standard RDF metadata.brian m. carlson
2011-08-20Include new version of RDF metadata.brian m. carlson
2011-08-19Don't build HTML files anymore.brian m. carlson
2011-08-19Build XHTML as XHTML5 by default.brian m. carlson