AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 dayszshrc: unset TMOUTGitHubbrian m. carlson
2022-09-01playbooks: add an Ansible playbook to set up a Codespacebrian m. carlson
2022-09-01zshenv: disable the Go checksum databasebrian m. carlson
2022-09-01tmuxinator: add work layoutbrian m. carlson
2022-09-01vimrc: set fonts to an appropriate sizebrian m. carlson
2022-09-01zsh/zshenv: allow global RC settingsbrian m. carlson
2022-09-01gnupg: sign using GitHub addressbrian m. carlson
2022-09-01vim/vimrc: set max lines to 106brian m. carlson
2022-09-01vim/vimrc: switch to two-space indentsbrian m. carlson
2022-09-01zshenv: set email to GitHub addressbrian m. carlson
2022-09-01Update submodules.brian m. carlson
2022-09-01vimrc: add mappings to find referencesbrian m. carlson
2022-08-29zshenv: add lawn as possible editor optionbrian m. carlson
2022-08-29zshenv: set BROWSER to lawn on remote systemsbrian m. carlson
2022-08-29zshenv: set REMOTE_ENV for Codespacesbrian m. carlson
2022-08-29dct-clip: use lawn on remote systemsbrian m. carlson
2022-08-13zshrc: set COLORTERM when using a truecolor terminal typebrian m. carlson
2022-05-10vimrc: set tgc if true color is enabledbrian m. carlson
2022-04-06lawn: add a browser targetdevbrian m. carlson
2022-04-05lawn: add missing exclamation pointbrian m. carlson
2022-04-05vimrc: use dct-clipbrian m. carlson
2022-04-05tmux: use dct-clipbrian m. carlson
2022-04-04Add configuration for Lawnbrian m. carlson
2022-04-04tmuxinator: add more windows to homebrian m. carlson
2022-03-21Makefile: set permissions explicitlybrian m. carlson
2022-03-21Makefile: move permissions into a variablebrian m. carlson
2022-03-21Makefile: create .vim/pluginbrian m. carlson
2022-03-15zshrc: fix terminal overridesbrian m. carlson
2022-03-10zshenv: add ~/.local/bin to the PATHbrian m. carlson
2022-02-01zsh: alias gvi to a detachable editorbrian m. carlson
2022-02-01zsh: expand bmc_editor to handle detachable editorsbrian m. carlson
2022-01-31zsh: make bmc_editor take normal optionsbrian m. carlson
2022-01-31zsh/prompt: find AC and battery regardless of namebrian m. carlson
2022-01-09vim/vimrc: don't set tf on Neovimbrian m. carlson
2022-01-09zsh/zshenv: prefer Canadian English for localesbrian m. carlson
2022-01-09zsh/zshenv: switch to table-driven selection for editorbrian m. carlson
2022-01-09spec: test fallback of editor configurationbrian m. carlson
2022-01-09zsh/zshrc: use command -v instead of whichbrian m. carlson
2022-01-09zsh/zshenv: use command -v instead of whichbrian m. carlson
2022-01-09misc/Xsession: use command -v instead of whichbrian m. carlson
2022-01-09Revert "zshenv: set a stack size limit"brian m. carlson
2022-01-07vim/vimrc: add a key to go to definition in splitbrian m. carlson
2022-01-07tmux: paste with bracketed paste modebrian m. carlson
2022-01-07LICENSE: updatebrian m. carlson
2022-01-07misc/dircolors: add support for more terminal typesbrian m. carlson
2022-01-07zsh/zshrc: add better support for more terminal typesbrian m. carlson
2021-11-18Makefile: remove permissions for otherbrian m. carlson
2021-10-22bin: add a tool to work with the clipboardbrian m. carlson
2021-10-17Bump submodulesbrian m. carlson
2021-07-16zsh/zshrc: make gvim an alias to nvim-gtk if possiblenvimbrian m. carlson