BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
GitHubbin: add a script to work with Codespacesbrian m. carlson4 weeks
cPanelMerge branch 'master' of int...brian m. carlson4 years
devlawn: add a browser targetbrian m. carlson8 months
lawnWIPbrian m. carlson8 months
nvimzsh/zshrc: make gvim an alias to nvim-gtk if possiblebrian m. carlson17 months
tempMerge branch 'master' of int...brian m. carlson5 years
testzsh: detect true color support in Docker containersbrian m. carlson4 years
wsl-testzsh/zshrc: don't set GREP_COLORS on WSLbrian m. carlson4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-11-08bin: add a script to work with CodespacesGitHubbrian m. carlson
2022-11-08codespace-setup: get credentials for git remote set-headbrian m. carlson
2022-11-08codespace-setup: only run Git commands in Git directoriesbrian m. carlson
2022-11-08codespace-setup: become root to change ACLsbrian m. carlson
2022-11-08mutt: add a work accountbrian m. carlson
2022-11-08zshrc: unset TMOUTbrian m. carlson
2022-11-08playbooks: add an Ansible playbook to set up a Codespacebrian m. carlson
2022-11-08zshenv: disable the Go checksum databasebrian m. carlson
2022-11-08tmuxinator: add work layoutbrian m. carlson
2022-11-08vimrc: set fonts to an appropriate sizebrian m. carlson