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Generation Comics
-This is a tool to generate daily feeds automatically.
+This is a tool to generate daily feeds automatically. It's designed for
+handling web comics, but it can handle any daily feed.
+== Configuration
+Configuration is handled by creating a `config.json` file in the main directory.
+An example configuration file can be found in the `doc/example` directory.
+The `link` field for a comic can accept any pattern which works with
+`strftime(3)`. The `time` field expresses a time in GMT.
+You will generally want to change the `id` field in the `config` section to the
+URL of your installation. This allows the feeds to generate unique IDs that
+won't conflict with other installations.
+Due to the power of Ruby's in-order hash handling, comics should be listed in
+the same order as they're listed in the configuration file.
== FAQ