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2018-03-01corrosion: apply copy-edits from 2018-02-20d0brian m. carlson
2018-02-24Add laudanumbrian m. carlson
2018-02-19Add corrosionbrian m. carlson
2018-02-18Add city-oasisbrian m. carlson
2017-07-06adobe: remove hyphen in phrasal adjectivebrian m. carlson
2017-03-05adobe: add part 2brian m. carlson
2017-03-05mural: elide unnecessary wordbrian m. carlson
2017-03-05death-dream: correct typosbrian m. carlson
2017-03-05adobe: remove trailing whitespacebrian m. carlson
2017-03-05confluence: revisebrian m. carlson
2017-03-05Add confluence.brian m. carlson
2016-04-09lift-kit: format as verse.brian m. carlson
2016-04-09lift-kit: tighten last line.brian m. carlson
2016-04-09Add lift-kit.brian m. carlson
2015-11-13puncture-proof: add notes.brian m. carlson
2015-03-29Add survivors.brian m. carlson
2015-03-29passenger: revise.brian m. carlson
2015-03-02Add passenger.brian m. carlson
2015-02-16Add mural.brian m. carlson
2015-02-02epistle: move to working.brian m. carlson
2014-12-29Expand puncture-proof.brian m. carlson
2014-11-17Edit waters-of-life.brian m. carlson
2014-11-17Add waters-of-life.brian m. carlson
2014-11-16death-dream: remove strikethrough part.brian m. carlson
2014-11-16Add In Your Death Dream.brian m. carlson
2014-11-08Convert all troff -mx documents to AsciiDoc.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06acoustic-9: update attribution.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Fix some pieces that don't build properly.brian m. carlson
2014-11-03Expand puncture-proof.brian m. carlson
2014-10-04Expand puncture-proof.brian m. carlson
2014-07-26Expand puncture-proof.brian m. carlson
2014-07-26Import galveston.brian m. carlson
2014-05-11puncture-proof: add French title.brian m. carlson
2014-05-11Start puncture-proof.brian m. carlson
2014-04-08Add End Is Forever.brian m. carlson
2014-03-01Add working/time.brian m. carlson
2014-02-09Expand blue-bar.brian m. carlson
2014-01-12ferry: expand through main scene.brian m. carlson
2014-01-12ferry: extend.brian m. carlson
2013-11-03Add more random poems.brian m. carlson
2013-04-14Expand ferry.brian m. carlson
2013-04-14Start work on ferry.brian m. carlson
2013-03-23Add aokigahara.brian m. carlson
2013-03-17Edit shoot somewhat.brian m. carlson
2013-03-10Update shoot.brian m. carlson
2013-01-06Update for recent changes.brian m. carlson
2012-12-11Revise flagrant-joy.brian m. carlson
2012-11-03Add poem "Lost".brian m. carlson
2012-10-31Add shoot.brian m. carlson
2012-09-23Add some more writings.brian m. carlson