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2015-11-06nuclear-vermont: expand on title.brian m. carlson
2014-12-15Produce a shorter, more current bio.brian m. carlson
2014-11-06Move some really rough pieces to sketches.brian m. carlson
2014-07-19Add files from ENGL 4354.brian m. carlson
2014-07-19Import works from ENGL 3331.brian m. carlson
2013-03-03Add copper-dream.brian m. carlson
2013-02-12water-dream: strengthen and tighten language.brian m. carlson
2013-02-10Redesign water-dream.brian m. carlson
2012-05-19luminous-veil: try a revision of the first stanza.brian m. carlson
2012-05-18luminous-veil: revise.brian m. carlson
2012-03-10prep-phrase: modify some language.brian m. carlson
2011-04-28neighborhood-watch: remove useless emphasis.brian m. carlson
2011-04-27inquietude: add tempo marking.brian m. carlson
2011-03-18Move juneau and ketchikan to aoif.brian m. carlson
2011-01-07wonderer: tighten language further.brian m. carlson
2011-01-07wonderer: more extensive revisions.brian m. carlson
2010-12-18wonderer: tighten language further.brian m. carlson
2010-12-18wonderer: clean up and tighten language.brian m. carlson
2010-12-18woodbridge: minor reformatting.brian m. carlson
2010-12-18woodbridge: revise.brian m. carlson
2010-12-18luminous-veil: capitalize "river".brian m. carlson
2010-12-18luminous-veil: expand comment.brian m. carlson
2010-12-18Add license metadata to poems for Glass Mountain.brian m. carlson
2010-12-04Fix cc:license to use rdf:Alt.brian m. carlson
2010-12-04Reindent recounting-art-performance.brian m. carlson
2010-12-04Add namespaces to recounting-art-performance.brian m. carlson
2010-12-04Add RDF to recounting-art-performance.brian m. carlson
2010-11-22neighborhood-watch: rephrase first line.brian m. carlson
2010-11-22woodbridge: expand and retitle.brian m. carlson
2010-11-22woodbridge: expand.brian m. carlson
2010-11-21echoes: more revision.brian m. carlson
2010-11-21echoes: remove extra space before poem.brian m. carlson
2010-11-21inquietude: rephrase fourth stanza.brian m. carlson
2010-11-21inquietude: slight revision.brian m. carlson
2010-11-21echoes: clean up and expand.brian m. carlson
2010-11-20sounding-of-the-bell: more revision.brian m. carlson
2010-11-20sestina: title and revise.brian m. carlson
2010-11-20sestina: move to aoif.brian m. carlson
2010-11-20inquietude: move to aoif.brian m. carlson
2010-11-15Move some poems to aoif for ENGL4356.brian m. carlson
2010-05-06vincent: add some exposition to clear things up.brian m. carlson
2010-05-05light-rail: fix apostrophe.brian m. carlson
2010-05-05Further revise components of engl3329.brian m. carlson
2010-05-05Revise based on Brett Forsberg's commments.brian m. carlson
2010-05-05columbine: use more modern form of words.brian m. carlson
2010-05-05Revise desk.brian m. carlson
2010-03-31More revisions to columbine.brian m. carlson
2010-03-31Move columbine to aoif.brian m. carlson
2010-03-14Move vincent to aoif.brian m. carlson
2010-02-19Move nuclear-vermont to aoif.brian m. carlson