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Redesign water-dream.
Signed-off-by: brian m. carlson <>
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- <literallayout xml:space="preserve" class="normal">You walk up to a large bathtub full of soapy water. It contains three nude,
-attractive young men in it. You join them. One of them introduces himself
-as Dustin. He is by far the most attractive. The bathtub starts rolling
-down the railroad tracks. You do not notice that the ground has fallen away.
-The tracks end abruptly in mid-air. You and the bathtub drop
-down into a unlined rectangular pool about six feet deep.
-The young men have disappeared. The water is cool, blue-hued, and translucent.
-You breathe normally under the water.</literallayout>
+ <literallayout xml:space="preserve" class="normal">You walk up to a bathtub,
+large, clawfooted, full
+of soapy water
+and three young men:
+nude, stunning.
+You join them. One says,
+<emphasis>I'm Dustin</emphasis>
+he catches your eye so
+that you don't care
+that much about the others.
+The bathtub starts rolling
+down the railroad tracks;
+you do not notice the ground
+has fallen away.
+The tracks end
+in mid-air.
+You and the bathtub drop
+down into a pool,
+unlined, rectangular,
+six feet deep.
+The young men
+have disappeared.
+You breathe normally
+under the water, cool,
+blue-hued, translucent.</literallayout>