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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<article version="5.0"
+ xml:id="nuclear-vermont"
+ xmlns=""
+ xmlns:dc=""
+ xmlns:xlink="">
+ <title>Bringing Nuclear Power to Vermont</title>
+ <info>
+ <author condition="class">
+ <personname>
+ <firstname>brian</firstname><othername>m.</othername><surname>carlson</surname>
+ </personname>
+ </author>
+ </info>
+ <literallayout xml:space="preserve" class="normal">I notice, briefly, a desk chair rolling down the sidewalk,
+its plastic wheels loudly, crisply, propelling
+it down the hill, a man chasing behind it.
+And I sit there, look up at the tall maple
+ through this huge glass window
+its foliage thick and red,
+the ridges, deep and grooved to hold a dime.
+The sun is warm still, I know; the maple’s shade
+is like a sip through a straw, cool and impermanent,
+always asking me to abandon my drafting
+to another day.
+Nevertheless, I look forward, out to the thin green
+blades of grass, sigh quietly, and then go back
+to whistling the T-square across the table.</literallayout>