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luminous-veil: try a revision of the first stanza.
Signed-off-by: brian m. carlson <>
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- <literallayout xml:space="preserve" class="normal">
-I saw you there, waiting for me on my way home
-from class. We went to Denny's, the conversation
-slow and easy like always; the next morning
-all I saw was your text: <quote>sorry</quote>.
+ <literallayout xml:space="preserve" class="normal">I saw you there, waiting
+for me on my way home from class.
+We went to Denny's, the conversation
+slow and easy like always, cracked jokes
+like eggs; the next morning all I saw
+was your text: <quote>sorry</quote>.
I only wish that we had gone to Toronto
to see the viaduct—Elysian?—Prince Edward,