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<holder>brian m. carlson</holder>
- <legalnotice>
- <note>
- <title>Exceptions</title>
- <para>
- The author is, in general, willing to grant specific exceptions to the
- above license for original, tangible, non-digitizable forms of art
- which include copyrightable portions of this work. Please write to
- him to ask for specifics and discuss the matter.
- </para>
- </note>
- <note>
- <title>A Request from the Author</title>
- <para>
- Although you are not required to do so by the license, the author would very
- much appreciate it if you would use good taste when modifying this
- collection and when distributing such modifications.<!-- Some of these
- works express very personal feelings and opinions, and the author would
- appreciate it if you would respect that aspect of this collection and
- its component works.-->
- </para>
- </note>
- </legalnotice><!--}}}-->
</info> <!-- }}} -->
- <!-- {{{ Dedication -->
- <dedication xml:id="dedication" condition="unnecessary">
- <title>Dedication</title>
- <!-- Nick, Dave, Neal, Filup -->
- <para>
- To N.G., D.B., N.N., F.E., and all others similarly situated.
- </para>
- </dedication> <!-- }}} -->
- <!-- {{{ Acknowledgements -->
- <acknowledgements xml:id="acknowledgements" condition="unnecessary;helpful">
- <title>Acknowledgements</title>
- <para>
- I wish to thank Jama Shelton, Barbara Bickart, Sixto Wagan, and all the
- artists associated with DiverseWorks, for teaching me the essentials of
- discovering my place in art and artistry.
- </para>
- <para>
- It would be impossible to acknowledge all of my artistic influences, so I
- will not try, but I wish to sincerely thank the writers, musicians, and
- other artists whose work has made such a profound impression on me.
- </para>
- <para>
- I also want to acknowledge Deb Murphy, a friend and mentor, for giving me
- the benefit of her wisdom while still allowing me to make my own mistakes.
- </para>
- <para>
- I want to thank the Debian Project, for all the software that allowed
- this book to be typeset, and all the other Free Software projects that
- made it possible for Debian to make everything just work.
- </para>
- <para>
- I want to thank Sam Duplechain, for providing an interesting phrase which
- is the basis for <citetitle pubwork="article">Thus and Not
- Thus</citetitle>.
- </para>
- <para>
- And finally, I want to send my undying thanks to all my friends, who have
- provided insight and perspective in my life. Y’all know who y’all are.
- </para>
- </acknowledgements> <!-- }}} -->
- <!-- {{{ Preface -->
- <preface xml:id="preface" condition="crap">
- <title>Preface</title>
- <!--<para>
- One of the reasons I started writing was because I love reading. I love
- to pick up a good book, one that is emotionally gripping, and live the
- experiences that the characters go through. I want to write so that I can
- give that gift to others.
- </para>-->
- <para>
- One of the things I’ve always thought important was to have good tools
- with which to do your job. In this respect, writing is no exception: one
- needs good ideas, good background, good experience, and good writing
- materials, including the ultimate essential, the pen.
- </para>
- <para>
- There’s a reason I’m so obsessive about my pens. I think it’s because
- I’ve always had an ambivalence about writing. I love writing, not just
- the creation and manipulation of ideas, but also the physical act of putting
- pen to paper, making tiny, barely legible marks with real ink.
- At the same time, I am so slow at actually doing the physical writing, and
- it drives me crazy. So, I have to have a pen which will deliver the ink
- quickly, almost instantaneously, but which will still produce a distinct
- shape on the page. And, of course, it has to be a real ink rollerball
- pen. None of this ballpoint crap: I’m expressing an idea, not filling out
- some stupid form in triplicate. And anyway, no other type of pen, whether
- ballpoint, fountain, or gel rollerball, can deal with the speed associated
- with my rendition of the letter <wordasword>J</wordasword>.
- </para>
- <para>
- And I think it’s interesting that <wordasword>J</wordasword> is my most
- distinct letterform, which I guess is appropriate in some sense, since I
- have so many friends whose names start with <wordasword>J</wordasword>:
- Joe, John, Justin, Jonathan, Jesse, and tons of others whose names I have
- forgotten at the moment, but will remember tomorrow.
- </para>
- <para>
- That’s another thing: I’ve met so many people that I have forgotten more
- names that most people will ever remember. And at the same time, having
- met numerous Davids and Chrises, I’ve learned so much about people,
- humanity, and life on this planet.
- </para>
- <para>
- I have, for example, learned that people instantly recognize their own
- names, even in peripheral conversations that they didn’t even realize were
- happening around them. And that above all else, people will protect their
- names above everything else, and rightly so, or they’d just be a series of
- meaningless numbers: birthdates, ages, social security numbers, drivers
- license numbers, heights, weights, and densities.
- </para>
- <para>
- I’ve also noticed that people do strange things: things that are
- irrational, unreasonable, and harmful by any objective standards, but make
- sense in some twisted way to them. And here, I am no different: I have
- my own peculiarities, quirks, insanities, and perversions. But these I
- will not share so easily; you’ll have to discover my secrets on your own.
- </para>
- </preface> <!-- }}} -->
<!-- {{{ Elemental Dreams -->
<part xml:id="elemental-dreams">
<title>Elemental Dreams</title>
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<holder>brian m. carlson</holder>
</info> <!-- }}} -->
- <!-- {{{ Preface -->
- <preface xml:id="preface">
- <title>Preface</title>
- <para>
- This is a collection of very rough works that have undergone some
- work, but not enough to qualify as really stellar. It is designed
- to provide a draft-quality representation of what these works might
- like in the future, both in content and in presentation.
- </para>
- <para>
- The reader is therefore requested to be forgiving and to deliver to
- the author any criticism due.
- </para>
- </preface> <!-- }}} -->
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